As a fair trade + social justice boutique in southwest Michigan, we have one purpose in mind -- To combat and raise awareness of global, local and national issues of injustice that plague our world today.

Every purchase made at B4F directly supports causes and organizations we have sought partnership with; whether they are giving sex trafficking survivors safe outlets to work in, giving impoverished communities sustainable jobs or helping build wells and schools in developing communities, every product sold moves to equip others toward freedom.


Meet the Founders


Austin Bock
Born and raised in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Attended University at Indiana Wesleyan and received a bachelor's degree in Sports Ministry and Business Administration. Took several trips across seas to Columbia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Japan and the Philippines for photo-journalism, ministry and mission work. Encountered teams that extracted women out of brothels into safe houses and healthy working environments and opportunities. Spent six months in Japan studying and pursuing mission work. Came home, married, started B4F, pursued markets and festivals in 2013 and opened a store-location in April 2014.

Kelsey Bock
Born in Chicago, raised in Tokyo, Japan for 15 years. Took several trips across seas to Thailand, Korea, Guam, and several North American and European countries. Witnessed impoverished lifestyles and oppressed red light districts specifically in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Chang Mai, Thailand. Attended Indiana Wesleyan University and received a bachelor's degree in Computer Graphics and Business Administration. Married Austin and pursued B4F as well as a photography, videography and design freelance career called Maiko Media.